The Founding of Smart Choice IM

I formed the Smart Choice IM brand in part to satisfy my natural desire to help others. I've always believed there was a professional path out there for me that would allow me to utilize my skills while meeting the very basic need I have to help others find their own path, in professional life as well as personal life. I do believe that it's possible to achieve satisfaction and happiness in both facets of life but as we know, these days, one cannot exist without the other.

I chose the name Smart Choice IM for the simple reason that it encompasses the message and commitment we give to our clients. We, in essence, commit to being your Smart Choice. My staff and I will work with you to promote your business with the most cost effective, low maintenance, Internet Marketing Solution.

Gone are the days of potential customers using hard copy yellow pages, 3 inches thick, dropped on porches once a year. Today, exposure for your business is all about technology. Our primary business focus is to help you achieve just that - Maximum Exposure for your business online, helping to get you in the places where people are NOW looking for the products or services you provide. We help businesses build web presence, branding and setting up high performance automated marketing systems.

We have a vast network of resources with creative ways to make our services affordable to almost anyone.

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Whether you are a one person shop or a publicly traded company, we can help you.