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Smart Choice IM, Corp. offers social media solutions for businesses that flat out bring traffic and results.

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Can a simple four step social media plan really make a huge difference in your business? You bet it can!

You see, it works like magic but almost nobody knows about it. When you start getting calls and new customers…You’ll ask yourself, how something so simple can be so powerful…

So call us today to find out more about our Managed Media Marketing Services Plan.

3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog Today

What is the highest ROI for Your Business Online?

Get your business a blog.  Setting up a blog is one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective ways to promote your business and expand your customer base.

Blog = High ROI

Blog = High ROI

However, just setting the blog up will not be enough to get the dramatic results and profits that everyone ultimately wants.

Here are 3 ways you can use your blog to build and promote your business:

1. Keep People Informed

Particularly in today’s economy, if you don’t correspond, people will assume you’re gone.

Make sure everyone knows you’re around and ready to leap into action whenever they need you by posting updates, tips and even sales information on your blog.

2. Develop a Rapport

People are more likely to work with people they feel an affinity for.  – Jim Kellen, CEO Smart Choice IM

However, you probably don’t have time to develop a meaningful friendship with every potential client. (more…)

Teaming Up for Profits – Let’s JV!


Let's Profit Together!

Let’s Profit Together!


Did you know that you could advertise non-competing products with one of the most over-looked assets you have in your business…

…and get a big boost in extra income?

This takes “working together” to an entirely new and profitable level.

Let us design a custom “Working Together” package just for you!

Exploiting The Power of Video Marketing

Expose Your Business to Over 5,000 A Day?

If you are looking for ways to economically target internet traffic and promote your business online, launching a video marketing campaign is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to generate massive traffic to your website.

Video is Easy!

Video is Easy!

While this is exciting in itself, the really exciting thing about online video marketing on and other video sites, is that videos posted on these sites rank extremely well in the search engines.

In short, by posting a free video on, you can take advantage of the immense size and search engine power of that site to boost your own website and your own business profile on and offline. – Jim Kellen recently announced that it shows over 100 million videos each day. Imagine if you were reaching only a tiny portion of that crowd of viewers, say much less than one percent. You could still potentially expose your business to over 5000 viewers a day!

Can you image if 5000 people saw your sales message each and every day?

Designing videos for free posting on YouTube and other online video services is one of the most effective ways to create highly targeted advertising for your business and services without spending a fortune on promotional materials.

Ask us about our video promotion package and get your message in front of thousands of people today!